Blogmas Day 2: Guest Post

Hi Everyone,

I made it to Day 2! Today I have collabed with a guest blogger, the lovely Caitlin from CaitlinCx doing a post about how she maintains her hair, skin and nails in the winter months.

Make sure to head over to Caitlin’s blog to see my post about missing Christmas is England too.

Without further ado, I’ll pass over to Caitlin:

How to look after your skin, hair & nails during winter… Well how I do anyway 💁🏽 There are a few things that I do that help keep mine looking & feeling pretty good! So here are the main ones…

Vitamins; I honestly believe if you aren’t taking any vitamins then you should be. Yes we get vitamins from foods etc & sunlight, but it’s winter now & we need to up the vitamins in the cold weather. I take a standard multivitamin, you could take hair, skin & nail ones too. But I also take collagen tablets or drink a collagen drink. Since using these I haven’t had ANY dry skin. We all get spot breakouts, especially around the time of our periods, so girls I’m not saying you won’t ever get spots. But your skin will feel amazingly hydrated & look brighter!

Skincare routine;

This is super duper important! It’s important all year round so really you should be doing this daily anywho… But this is how I look after my skin from the outside.

Firstly you need to double cleanse, so not once, but twice so you definitely get rid of all makeup or any other products that you have use. I switch mine up so I don’t cleanse with the same product either. Then you need to use a toner. Lastly depending on whether this is your morning or evening routine you need a lovely moisturiser for the day time & night cream in the evening. I swear by night creams, absolutely love them.

For your body, don’t forget, you also need to be giving it some attention, so we know that our hands & feet could do with some tlc too throughout the colder months! Slap on a body lotion, or hand cream & let it do the work.

Hair treatments;

I love to have my hair looking super healthy all year round. In the winter it can get a little dry due to the weather. I find using an oil on the ends of my hair all year keeps it silky & managable. I swear by using hair products before your hair dries rather than after. Sometimes if you use it after it goes a bit thick & makes it look greasy.. Nobody wants that.

I hope these tips helped ☺️ have a fab Christmas everyone!

Caitlin xo 🎅🏽


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