Blogmas Day 1: Decorations

What a surprise, I’m late to the game as usual! December has already been chock-a-block for me and has no signs of slowing down. So I’m going to try my best to keep up with Blogmas… but we’ll see how that goes!

For my first day of Blogmas, I thought I’d tell you about all the decorations I’ve added this year.

Having a toddler and animals made me pretty nervous to decorate (my worries were confirmed when Caleb used my baubles to play a game of fetch with Lucy the Labrador) but I’m way to excited for Christmas to let those worries stop me. I was one of those people who had my tree up before the Thanksgiving turkey had even been bought. I was too excited this year. It’s Caleb’s second Christmas and he knows something exciting is happening, so I’ve gone a little bit mad with the decorations.

For my tree, I used all my old decorations. Some I got in England and some I got in Georgia. I also added Caleb’s little decorations- for someone who’s had one Christmas, he has a lot of decorations, including one that my brother bought him from Harrods. My one year old has fancier decorations than I do! He has some on his little bedroom tree, which by the way is the cutest thing ever, and some on the main tree.

For stockings, I really wanted to get ones with our initials on. I’d seen these in Target and loved them but at $13 a piece it would have cost me almost $40 to buy all three. Instead, I found these gorgeous, velvet ones in Walmart for $8 each – almost half the price of the Target ones!

I also went to Walmart to buy a garland and ribbon for my staircase and wrapped them around the bannister. It was actually a lot more difficult than I had planned but I think the end result is so pretty. I had bought some little battery powered lights too, but I felt like the ribbon was enough. All together this cost about $6. Bargain!

I got this beautiful snow globe from Target for $12. It’s Caleb’s decoration for this year, I originally wanted to get him another bauble but he’s been mesmerised by this snow globe since he first ever saw it; he’s sat for hours watching and listening to it. I love it because you can wind it up and it plays a lullaby. It’s so adorable.

Finally (and probably my most favourite decorations), we have my Nutcrackers and my Candy Canes. These all came from the Dollar Tree, for you mathematicians they cost a grand total of $4!

I’ve always wanted a collection of Nutcrackers, ever since I was a little girl I’ve loved them. My friend bought me the Red one (which is my absolute fave because, I’m sure some of you know, red is my favourite colour) and I went back later and bought the blue one. Caleb already snapped his hand off but it was nothing a bit of super glue couldn’t fix.

I just love the Candy Canes because they’re cute. In an ideal world, I’d have them leading up my path but since we’re moving soon, I don’t want to go and buy a load (even if they’re only a dollar each) and then not be able to use them in future.

(I will add pictures of the Candy Canes later when our gardeners leave!)

What’s your favourite decoration?



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