Fun Sunday Activites

I love Sunday. I do less housework, we rarely have plans and all the family is home together. 

Today, we have dinner in the slow cooker, a mostly clean house and nowhere to go. So here’s a little post dedicated to all the fun things you can do with your little ones on a nice, Autumn Sunday:

  • Watch movies and eat lots of snacks. Personal recommendations are: Lion King, Shrek, Madagascar and Ice Age. 
  • Go to the park 
  • Go for a walk. This is especially lovely if it’s nice and cold and you can get wrapped up in scarves and Wellington boots. 
  • Do some drawing, painting or crafting. With Christmas coming, it’s nice to start making gifts for family members. 
  • Do some baking. Nothing smells nicer than an oven full of treats on a Sunday afternoon. 
  • Do some organising. Clear out and donate toys and clothes ready for when Santa brings new ones. 
  • Invite friends over for a nice, roast dinner. 
  • Write your Christmas lists and letters to Santa. Only 7 weeks to go! 
  • Build a fort. 
  • Go on an adventure to the woods, lake or somewhere else. Take pictures, collect sticks and pine cones. 

What are some things you and your little ones like to do on a Sunday?


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