9 Things That Need to be Invented to Help Parents of Toddlers

Parenting isn’t easy. And parenting a toddler is even harder. I mean, surely this is the hardest age because you can’t ground a toddler? You can’t just tell them ‘no cartoons for a week’ and hope they stop being a brat for at least 30 minutes.

The whole job is a case of trial and error. You buy 50 million teething treatments, go through countless poop-stained vests, spend your life willing things to NOT WAKE YOUR BABY UP and just thinking how easier life would be if that one teeny tiny thing had been invented.

Here’s my list of things that need to be invented to help a mother (or father) out:
1. A toy that doesn’t perform a whole song and dance when you turn it off. 9/10 times you turn it off because you accidentally kicked it while your baby’s asleep and you want it to shut up immediately!

2. A lock button on the iPhone that can keep your child’s YouTube video/nana-on-FaceTime on the screen without the little darling pressing buttons and sending random, autocorrected words to your contact list.


4. Remote controls/phones for toddlers that look like their parent’s remote controls/phones. Kids can tell if they’re being given a fake phone.

5. High chair trays that don’t stain. If your toddler gets a bit of bolognese sauce on that clean, white tray it’s game over.

6. Also, high chair fabrics that are easy to clean.

7. Wrists straps to the stop your child throwing their cutlery on the floor.

8. Bibs that can’t be pulled off/bibs that can’t be pulled off that are waterproof. Why are all bibs with poppers not water proof?!

9. A baby swing/crib hybrid. Basically a crib that swings (all night) so your toddler is rocked to sleep all night. It can also play lullabies, have a nightlight built in and maybe an intercom so you can talk to your baby.

What things would you like to see to help parenting a toddler a little easier?

*Some of these may have already been invented but I’ve never seen them.
** If you take one of my ideas and invent them, I want 50% of the profits.


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