The 10 Best Things About English Summers

This is an old post that I wrote in England, however I accidentally deleted it and reposted it in 2017 when I no longer live in England. 

I love everything about summer, life just seems a bit better, everything goes a bit slower and everyone seems to have a lot more free time(?).

My last two summers were amazing! I spent one in Florida and one in Georgia, mostly sunbathing and drinking. They were two of the best summers of my life.

But there’s something so amazing about spending summer in England. I don’t know what it is, but England seems to change and everyone’s in a good mood. So here are the 10 best things about an English summer:

1. Sunny days

I’m not completely delusional; I know it’s extremely rare we get sunshine during an English summer, but when we do its fabulous. Everyone seems to get a buzz about them, no one comes home from work tired and wanting to crash on the sofa. Everyone wants to go out and do stuff all the time. No matter what it is, even just sitting in the garden. You cannot be bored on a sunny day in England.

Which leads me onto point number 2…

2. Drinking

I don’t want to sound like an alchy here, but how good is it when you can just drink all day and no one judges you?!

It’s just so acceptable to drink throughout the afternoon and evening. Everyone heads to the local beer gardens and sits outside in the sun until about 10 o clock when it gets cooler and everyone tries to stumble home. It’s so much fun!

Of course this year I’ll have a baby so my days of drinking will probably be limited but I still can’t wait.

Also pre-drinks outside are 100x better than pre-drinks inside!

3. Sunglasses

It’s so much more acceptable to wear sunglasses and sunglasses means less eye make up. Win.

PSA: Summer does not mean it’s okay to wear sunglasses inside.

4. Colour

For someone who only wears black, white or grey, I am super exited for all the colourful clothes that come out in summer. I can’t wait to wear pinks and corals and white jeans.

Last summer I tried to branch out into colourful clothes a bit more and it made me feel a lot happier.

Summer shoes look way prettier than winter boots too. Brightly coloured sandals, strappy heels ugh they’re all so gorge!

Also, you can’t forget all the pretty lipsticks, blushes and nail varnishes!! I die.

5. Sunbathing

Once we get a hint of sunshine, everyone in England decides that they simply don’t need to wear clothes anymore – this is not one of the best things about summer. The fact that you can go and lay out in your own back garden and get a tan is though!

6. Festivals

Confession: the only festival I have been to is T 4 on the Beach. It was pretty amazing, it was my 18th birthday and there were some decent acts there. But yeah, I’ve never been to Wireless or V or Reading/Leeds.

Anyway, in my opinion, as long as there’s music and people gathered together outside, it is a festival. And there’s nothing better than being out in the sun (or probably rain), with your friends, good music and a drink (obv).

My town hosts ‘Europe’s Largest Free Festival’ or something and we get some pretty amazing people. One year Lemar came and he said Happy Birthday to me and I almost cried.

7. BBQs


 I don’t know why I made this number 7 because WHAT IS BETTER THAN A BARBEQUE?! It’s go everything I listed above : drinks, music, friends but there’s food too!!

8. The Ice Cream van

You know you still get a little bit of excitement and have to resist the urge to scream ‘DAD GIVE ME A QUID’ when you hear the sweet, out of tune, melody of the ice cream van.

9. Holidays

Whether it’s Maga, Ibiza or somewhere a bit fancier, us Brits are lucky to have all these holiday spots practically on our doorstep. My Ibiza days are behind me, at least for now, but that doesn’t mean you sassy little beasts can’t go and have an amazing time for me!

10. English Beaches

 If you live somewhere like Cornwall then you’re lucky enough to have gorgeous beaches on your doorstep.

If you live in King’s Lynn, you’re less lucky. Hunstanton beach isn’t dreadful, but it’s not the Maldives and the closest seaside resorts are Great Yarmouth or Skegness.

But you can’t deny there’s nothing better than going to an English beach, spending all your money on arcades and ending the day with fish and chips!

Let me know your favourite summer activities in the comments!


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