Coconut Oil

I’m sure all of you beauty junkies have heard one of the newest trends is to slather your body in coconut oil.

I was uhming and ahhing about trying it and then I heard it works wonders for stretch marks and under eye lines. These are my two biggest worries right now.
I’m 31 weeks pregnant and so far, I don’t have any stretch marks. I was praising the Lord above and then my friend burst my bubble by telling me she got her first one at 36 weeks. So now I’m paranoid.


 Also I have so much trouble with under eye creasing so if this will stop that I will buy it for the rest of my life! I’m 22, I’m sure I’m not meant to have fine lines yet!

Apparently it also works for make up removal, moisturising the skin (I suffer from psoriasis and super dry skin), deep conditioning of the hair and night cream. So I tested it for a week to see how I got on (SPOILER ALERT-I won’t be throwing my other potions away).

I bought this jar of Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil by The Groovy Food Company for £4 on offer in Tesco. I looked down the beauty aisles but it was (obviously) down the cooking aisle.

So here’s how I got on…

Myth 1 : Make up remover

This one seemed interesting. I’m so lazy, taking my make up off is such a chore especially mascara ughh. I was hoping this would just melt my mascara off and with one swipe it would all be done. But no. I still had to rub and scrub and use about 4 cotton pads. It’s honestly easier to use a make up remover or face wipe and then continue your skin routine.

Myth 2: Eye cream

I’m 22 and have fine lines under my eyes (and on my forehead) which as you can imagine is awful. They’re all I see. My nanas tell me I’m crazy but the dears are probably trying to spare my old, wrinkly feelings. I see them and my concealer creases nicely in them.

Desi Perkins said this works as a good eye cream but so far I don’t see it. I don’t wanna argue with Desi – she’s a genius buuuut I don’t agree.

I have seen a reduction in my under eye circles though so that’s always a bonus. I think it’s more the shininess of the oil reflects the light rather than it doing something in my skin but whatever it is it’s working. If I have to be wrinkly, I don’t wanna look like I’ve rolled in from a 3 day bender too.

Myth 3: Hair mask

I recently got all my hair cut off (post coming soon) so it’s feeling pretty good right now anyway, but I put this on the ends overnight. My hair did feel lovely and soft however, I can’t be sure exactly what it did because my hair is in fairly good condition right now.

Myth 4: Hand/foot cream

It made my hands and feet super oily so I’d only do this right before bed and even then I was still skidding around on wooden floors the next day!

It did make my skin softer but it wasn’t like a miracle cream. I honestly found my Soap and Glory hand and foot creams worked much better.

However, I have to say my cuticles have improved wonderfully. In the words of the great philosopher Karen Smith ‘my nail beds suck’. Karen, you shoulda soaked them in this bad boy.


This is coconut oil’s saving grace. As I said I’m 31 weeks pregnant (yay!) so my biggest concern right now (apart from my baby’s safety obviously) is stretch marks!!!

Thankfully, I don’t have any on my stomach yet but my boobs (which have taken on a life of their own) are starting to show signs of them. So I smothered them in coconut oil and I did notice a huge difference. I searched and searched for any hint of them and couldn’t find them. One day I did forgo the oil and I could see the little bastards making a come back. But I definitely think it works.

I tried to take pictures but it was kinda impossible without getting a nip slip sooo sorry about that. You’ll just have to believe me when I say it works.

Apparently coconut oil goes down deeper into the skins layers than most other products and repairs them. Stretch marks are basically torn layers of skin buried under non-torn layers. Coconut oil goes down into these layers and works it’s healing magic meaning that your visible skin is left mark free and fabulous!



 Overall, I don’t think coconut oil is the miracle product every says it is. It could be because I bought a £4 Tesco product that is raw oil without any added goodness but if this is the case, it’s not the coconut oil doing the work.

It is good for stretch marks – definitely. I will continue to use it to prevent stretch marks but for everything else there are plenty of other products that work much better.

I’m not completely overwhelmed. It does take a lot to wow me so maybe I’m being picky? Have any of you tried coconut oil? Let me know how you got on in the comments.

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