16 things I’d tell my 16 year old self

When I think back to 16 year old me I want to bury my head under a rock because I was such a sassy little diva who thought she knew the world. Unfortunately, time machines have not (yet) been invented so, as much as I’d love to, I am unable to travel back to 2010, slap myself and give myself some tips on life. However, if I could this is what I’d tell myself…

first things first, this outfit is not cute.
1. Appreciate your mum because even though you believe she’ll be around forever, she won’t and it’ll be shit. 

2. Do not do a journalism degree. Under any circumstances. You spend the next 6 years studying, writing and applying for jobs and are still no where closer to my dream. 

3. Once a cheater always a cheater. If someone cheats on you, under no circumstances should you ever take them back. 

4. Cutting all your hair off might seem like a good idea but it’s not. Neither was the blue and red streaks. 

5. Save money. Even though spending every single weekend in the local club was super fun, one day you’ll do said journalism degree, grow up and actually need savings for things like petrol and bills. 

6. Remember tattoos are for life. Although I love most of mine there are a few that should never have ever graced my skin. 

7. Lay off the super noodles. Once you hit your twenties your super speedy metabolism  slows down and all of your lovely clothes get a little tighter. 

8. Also, no matter how many fat days you have, you’re not fat. Your 16 year old ‘thunder thighs’ are the same size as your 21 year old calfs!

9. Choose your facebook status’ wisely because in 2015 there’s this app called ‘timehop’ and it’ll make you want to die of cringyness!!

10. Do not trust people too easily, the maids in Ibiza will steal your invaluable bracelet. 

11.  You can never have too many face wipes, kirby grips or cotton buds. 

12. You never get any taller so learn to walk in heels. 

13. Bebo luvs mean nothing when you’re 21. (Unfortunately, instagram likes do though, so treat your hair and skin good, girl)!

14. Don’t be afraid to speak your mind, one day people will learn to love your sass, and if they don’t love it they’re probably not in your 2015 life anyway. 

15. It’s okay to cover your boobs and legs up sometimes. Promise. 

16. Your driving licence photo will haunt your forever so please make sure you’re looking extra fab on your 17th birthday! 

Even if we do eventually get the use of time machines, I’m pretty sure 16 year old me would tell 21 year old me to go away (in more decorative language). However, it probably wouldn’t be a bad thing, because despite how much I’d love to change some things, I’m a firm believer that everything happens for a reason. Had I not had so many life disasters, I may not have got to experience all the amazing things that have happened to me and those memories aren’t something I’d ever give up. 


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